Secure FHIR Vaccine Resource Implementation Guide for Vaccination Credentials
Based on Hl7 FHIR DSTU 4

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Creative MVP fueled by standards


Meeting the Biden Covid-19 Strategic Plan by repurposing existing resources quickly


Taking on BHAGS (big hairy audacious goals) using c=US Intellectual Property. c=US was based on National Science Foundation Internet grant NSF-93 extended into copyright by integrating Hopi mythology. native American Hopi design patterns


As simple as possible, but not too simple. Digital identity design patterns for ISO x.509v3 and x.500 to migrate the country equals US to a virtual world using the Sipapu, implemented in 1996 in public key cryptography for nuclear arms control by Sandia Labs. Full commercial rights negotiated with GSA. Repurposed for COvid-19. Futher integrated with Hl7 FHIR


Designing the Vaccine Passport using FHIR

This a private MVP do not use in production
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See how you can insert yourself here! These are synthetic identities for illustrative purposes except for me.


Peter Bachman

CEO & Founder PAHISP LLC and CEQUS Inc.

"FHIR has been used successfully to transfer vaccination records to and from vaccination registries, pharmacy chains, and electronic health records. These records can now be securely displayed in a digital wallet. We moved past a paper card to a verifiable credential, one that is simple to use. However we found during the pandemic that healthcare data is essentially fragmented and only somewhat under the control of the end user."


Richard Roe

Chief AI Scientist

"A digitally signed vaccine certificate in a secure container is the best way to prevent fraud and preserve privacy. With genetic typing of Sars Cov-2 mutations an AI approach is necessary to model the rapid spread of these variations and possibly apply vaccination boosters if current vaccines are no longer effective. This will require additional AI to be used to reach a lower R0"


Cyndi Beausoleil

Vice President of Finance

"PAHISP participated in standards development during the Pandemic. However, one in seven dollars in PPP recovery money spent went to fraud, which was highly predictable given the poor state of citizen, id est US based digital identity. Secure digital identity is currently being developed that should and could have mitigated this massive theft. By investing in new secure identity models that work with government systems, identity theft can be greatly reduced."


Dan Star

New Projects

Dan was a seasoned VC liason for advanced technology, we will miss him greatly and wish him the best of luck in his new role as a synthetic covid-19 patient to test FHIR implementation.


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Hover over and click on ducks to see what makes them different.

Ducks with CDC vaccine shot cards but no FHIR or Hl7 constrained vaccination resource that can be transmitted
De-identified Ducks with FHIR vaccination resource non normative example security label
      Definition: Privacy metadata indicating that the information
               has been de-identified, and there are mitigating circumstances that prevent re-identification,
               which minimize risk of harm from unauthorized disclosure.  The information requires protection
               to maintain low sensitivity.

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